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Definitions and Meaning of nepotism in Himdi

सत्ता में उन लोगों द्वारा रिश्तेदारों या करीबी दोस्तों को दिखाया गया पक्षपात (जैसा कि उन्हें नौकरी देकर).

Word Near by Nepotism in Hindi

  • नेफटली
  • नेप्रिक
  • नेपिट
  • नेपमन
  • नेपोस
  • नेपोटिज्म
  • नीर टैमीड

Other Means of Nepotism in Hindi

  • Nepotism: भाईभतीजावाद
  • Nepotism: बंधू पक्षपात
  • Nepotism: कुलपक्षपात
  • Nepotism: स्वजन पक्षपात

Sentence usages of Nepotism in Hindi

  • There is an upcoming test case which that help to determine whether Nepotism is actually dying in Illinois, or if it is poised to come roaring back.
  • A Haaretz editorial was more explicit, dubbing the election of Yosef and Lau “a victory for Nepotism.”
  • The family is central to Italian business life, but many economists believe that Nepotism – giving jobs to relatives – holds the country back.
  • Pakistan has transmuted the customary concept of Nepotism into a popular and profitable business
  • Corruption and Nepotism are rampant in the Afghan Army and “it would collapse without U.S. financial support,” the major says.
  • The big twist is that by requesting those documents, Hall did in fact uncover a Nepotism problem plaguing UT admissions.

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