Emiway Bantai wikipedia: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Personal information, Career…

Emiway Bantai wikipedia: (Personal information)

Friends are going to tell you about Bilal Shaikh in today. Whom you know as Emiway Bantai He was born on November 13, 1995 in Mumbai. They were born into a middle-class Muslim family. Emiway Bantai is very decent in childhood. He did not speak more than anyone. Emiway Bantai made his school education from LHS, Mumbai. Emiway Bantai was much smarter in studies till 10th. But as soon as they came in 11th, they rapped and shifted their focus, and for this reason they failed in 12th. And he also tried very hard to teach Hip-Hop song and worked very hard. But at the beginning, he had to tell rap video for fun. But later he took the rap seriously and made it his career.

Emiway Bantai wikipedia: (Career)

To become a rapper, Emiway Bantai has done a lot of hard work so that he is at this stage today. In his early days as a rapper, he worked very hard and worked as a support to “Hard Rock Cafe” to earn money. Emiway Bantai did not receive any monetary assistance from any family in order to become rapper. He used to earn money by his hard work and spent his own expense. Emiway Bantai used to sing rap in English only in his early days. But later, his father advised him to sing rap in Hindi so that Emiway Bantai’s rap could easily be understood by the people. After that he continued to work hard, and due to his hard work, in 2014 Emiway Bantai made his first Hindi rap “and divide”. The rap was a instant hit Emiway Bantai also received Radio City Freedom Award in “Hard Rock Cafe” in 2016.

Emiway Bantai wikipedia: (YouTube Information)

When Emiway Bantai initially created its own YouTube channel. Then they got very little views on their video. But still he was not disappointed, and continued to work harder. But due to his hard work, the views of his YouTube video continued to grow steadily. If you talk about Emiway Bantai’s YouTube video in today’s time, all their videos are trending. All this is the result of their hard work. Emiway goes to Million Views of all videos from Bantai of YouTube. Their YouTube channel is also named Emiway Bantai. Their YouTube channel today has around 5.9M subscribers, and they have uploaded 95 videos to YouTube so far.

1.YouTube channel name: Emiway Bantai
2. Total Subscriber(4 jun, 2019): 5.9 subscribers
3. Total Videos(4 jun, 2019): 95 videos

Emiway Bantai wikipedia: Age, Height, weight, Real Name, Profession, Eyes color, Hair color, DOB, Hometown Etc…

1.Real Name: Bilal Shaikh

2. Stage Name: Emiway Bantai

3. Nick name: Shahrukh Shaikh

4. Date of Birth: 13 November 1995

5. Age: 23 years

6. Profession: Singer/Rapper

7. Height: 5.7 Feet

8. Weight: 60 kg.

9. Eyes Color: Dark Brown

10. Hair Color: Black

11. Hometown: Mumbai (India)

12. Nationality: Indian

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